The Succulent Garden

Many people seem to not like succulents, and many people treat them badly, leaving them to dry out pots on the porch, or stuffing them into ridiculous terrariums, where they die in short order.  I like succulents, however, and think it is only when they are allowed to form large clumps that the different colours and textures can be appreciated.

The succulents occupy the hottest area of the garden, but still I have had problems with drainage; I am quite limited in the species I can grow. For example, I have only two true cacti in the succulent garden; most xerophytic members of this family would rot under the sometimes wet conditions.

I did intend to arrange the succulents by region: Aloe, Euphorbia and other old world species in one section; Agave, cacti and the new world species in another; and with separate areas for the natives of the Canary Islands, such as Dracaena draco and Aeonium, and Madagascar such as Pachypodium and Aluaudia, but ultimately aesthetics and practicality won out so the succulents are mixed.