The Fernery


The fernery is a fenced garden next to the house, which consists of paths wandering through raised garden beds, and with a huge xxxxx tree in the centre. It was well designed and constructed, but is now somewhat dilapidated.  It had a number of well established plants, including some huge birds nest ferns, but it was largely taken over by a few common (and rampant) fern species such as common bracken, rasp fern and fishbone fern.

It is no longer a fernery as such.  I have retained and planted a number of ferns, but I have used the protected nature of the garden to grow subtropical, tropical-looking and even some true tropical plants. As a name, perhaps tropicalium would be more apt than fernery. Ultimately I want this to be the only section of the garden that needs to be watered artificially.



The fernery is crawling over the fence.