The Forest Garden


Twenty years ago, the previous owner of Bundor had her fiftieth birthday, and asked all her friends for a native plant to create a rainforest. I now have the result.  While there are some good specimens such as a macadamia and xxxxx, certain trees have come to dominate through seeding and over-vigorous growth.  Grevillea robusta, Pittosporum undulatum, lilly-pillies and various eucalypts are examples.  Furthermore, the canopy was smothered by kangaroo vine and xxxxxxx in some parts, which meant little light got through to the undergrowth, and the death of some large trees.

My aim is to make a forest garden with a mixture of native and exotic plants.  I have been clearing out some of the less desirable trees (such as Casuarina) and ‘weed’ trees (such as xxxxx) and am trying to create an under-story of medium and low growing plants.

Most of the forest garden can be considered a dry-shade habitat.  This is a difficult environment so currently I am planting anything that I think has a chance of growing, with the realisation that I may have some failures.  The successful transfers from other parts of the garden include cane begonias xxxxxx, cliveas and aspidistra.