The Tennis Court Orchard and Aviary


For a period of Bundor’s history, there was a functioning (and seemingly well constructed) lawn tennis court.  However, the owner previous to me, who was obviously not a tennis enthusiast, decided to cover the tennis court with fishing net to keep out the birds, and convert it into something like a parterre or potager garden with fruit trees surrounded by paths and garden beds containing herbs, vegetables and various flowering plants.

Many of the trees remain: banana, plantain, custard apple, feijoa, fig, and a number of citrus species.  Of these, only the figs and citrus produce any fruit of any quality.

Reconverting the tennis court to its original purpose would be an expensive and difficult operation, and potager gardens would seem to require a lot of time to maintenance. The fate of the structure is unclear at this stage, but I have added some fruit trees such as an Imperial mandarin and a tamarillo, and I have guinea fowl and a chicken wandering freely within the tennis court.  I also have doves (more about this later) living among the fruit trees.

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